The Importance Of Custom Guided Journals

Inspire Power, Passion, And Purpose

Journaling has always been a powerful and important part of my life. It has helped me
through struggles and successes, celebrations and sadness, always empowering me to step back and take a look at my deepest thoughts, release my anger, and assess situations objectively without overreacting or overthinking. I am constantly telling everyone I know how life-changing the process of journaling has been for me, and my hope is that my products can bring that same inspirational experience to you. If you’re like me, you may have struggled with finding one journal that effectively meets all your needs. On any given day, you may feel like journaling in the form of poetry, focusing exclusively on gratitude, or just reflecting quietly on your writing as a source of meditation and healing. With R Carter Creates, I decided to create my own custom guided journals and planners to serve multiple purposes for everyday life, meeting you right where you are today on your path toward personal growth. My custom guided journals are created just for you, serving as the ultimate source of creative expression as they provide reflection, growth, motivation, goal setting, and inner healing as you  journey through life with purpose and intention.



(Charika Carter, Owner)

  • "This journal is perfect! I can journal with my child."

  • "She makes journaling easy"

  • Journaling Saved My Life!!

  • Journaling is for everybody!

  • Journaling = Healing
  • Journal Tribe

"This journal is perfect! I can journal with my child."

"She makes journaling easy"

Journaling Saved My Life!!

Journaling is for everybody!

Journaling = Healing

Journal Tribe

The Benefits of Journaling

Making yourself a priority with a renewed commitment to self-care

Recording patterns of personal growth and celebrating how far you’ve come along the way

Developing healthy relationships and boundaries

Maintaining and tracking progress of both short-term and long-term goals

Creating a safe place to have uncomfortable conversations and meaningful inner dialogue

Taking accountability for your own happiness, while building self-confidence and
discovering renewed self-worth

Discovering what fills your soul with joy, and finding new hobbies or interests that align
with your passion         


Hey Rika, I just want to tell you how much I really do love this journal. I bought it first, because I want to support you; I love how you have taken on empowering and educating women. Also because I have been a freeform journal fan since adolescence. Last night, I was able to go through every page and I fell even more in love with your creation. I realized that this journal is perfect for me and I have received it at an ideal time. I have seasonal depression that normally onset in late fall and lingers until spring. This journal is going to be an essential part of my self care this winter and I know it's gong to be a great tool to help me combat these "winter blues" THANKS AGAIN❤️!!!!!!!!


Hi, I received my planner today. I am totally blown away. It is beautiful. As I turned the pages I kept saying wow. Totally in love with this planner and the box it came in. The inspirational cards, notepad, and pen were very thoughtful. The bookmark and clip are also awesome. Only I can say is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much!!!


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY JOURNAL RIKA!!! Its so well made, detailed, and intentional. It has things I didn't even know I needed. I can't wait to share this gem with my closest friends. I pray God continued blessing over you and your business. Thank you so much!


I really love my journal! It's exactly what I wanted and more! It's very creative and focuses on many different key points of life. Awesome job, thank you so much!!