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    Personal Mentorship On The Journey To Small Business Success
    You’re independent, powerful, and creative, and you have the determination needed to carve a path for yourself as an aspiring entrepreneur. Starting a business is exciting, empowering, and fulfilling, but understanding all aspects of business formation and daily operations is the ultimate key to long-term success. I am proud to serve as your one-on-one business mentor, providing powerful knowledge and insights on the process of starting your own business. From product pricing and marketing, to licensing and operational needs, I will be a source of constant support as you navigate the complexities of business ownership, including aspects you may never have considered. I’ll also check in with you regularly to ensure everything is going smoothly along the way, and I am always just a call away if you need help with an urgent issue, or just need an objective point of view on a difficult situation. My passion is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs build a strong path to success, as they turn their spark of an idea into a profitable business venture. 
      Price(s) May Vary
      Pricing Start At $20.00+
    R Carter Creates can create custom 
    Business File(s) 
    KDP File Creation(s)
    Canva File Creation(s)
    Business Name(s)
    Business Card(s)
    & MORE
    Creative Products For Your Next Party Or Event 
    In addition to custom guided journals and planners, I also create bold, colorful, and vibrant custom party favors, labels, stickers, agendas, and more, to make your next event one to remember. These are the perfect way to add festive flair to parties, family reunions, wedding showers, baby showers, and more!

        Item Details: 8.5 x 11 PDF File, Custom made page(s), Print on your own; as needed
        Terms of Use: Pages are for purchasers use ONLY, Copyrights remain with R Carter Creates (R.Carter LLC), Purchaser can print unlimited copies only for purchaser use, You do not have permission to resell, modify, distribute, or share digital PDF
        Once email is received: Please allow 48 hours for response. Once price is establish, you will receive contract for service(s). Once signed contract and deposit is received, R. Carter Creates (R. Carter LLC) will start working on your order. 
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        Price(s) May Vary
          Pricing Start At $20.00+